Hi, my name is Bradley Daley, I'm an Australia web designer living in Melbourne, Australia. I love Web Design, UX, and Flash development.

I have a dual degree in Multimedia and Information Technology from Griffith University (QLD, Australia).

I am currently working as a Multimedia Developer in Melbourne, Australia.

I mostly work in Adobe Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop, however I have a fairly varied array of experience and skills in all areas of web development.
I enjoy myself most when I'm illustrating, designing and animating.


I enjoy learning and improving my skills, listed below are some of the applications I have experience in:

  • Advanced skills in ActionScript 3.0, ActionScript 2.0 & ActionScript 1.0
  • Adobe Flash CS6, have been developing on each version since Flash 5 (2000) – skilled in animation and interface design
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6, designing in Photoshop since PS4 – for interface design, image manipulation, digital painting and sketching.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6, designing since Illustrator 9 – for general design, interface design, illustrations and vector image production.
  • Some experience with Adobe Indesign
  • Confident in using HTML5, CSS-3, jQuery, JavaScript and PHP
  • Comfortable in Mac OS-X, Linux Ubuntu, Windows environments, have used all to develop web sites and applications
  • Familiar with GIT SCM and Symfony CMS
If you'd like to see examples of my work there are a few bits and pieces below. If you would like to see a demonstration of a particular skill set or have any questions, please contact me bradley.daley@gmail.com

Portfolio examples

Flash - Animations, Games and Applications

Link to flash banner examples

Flash Banners

I've recently completed a few Flash banners and advertising banners for various companies. Click the icon to view a few examples.

All the animation was completed in Adobe Flash, with the graphics being a combination of bitmap (Photoshop) and vector (Flash/Illustrator) graphics. The animations are a combination of manual frame-by-frame animation, tweening and coded animations (ActionScript). I had to work within the graphics and designs that were supplied by the client.

Link to Multicultural Awareness Training module screenshots

Flash Training Module

Working for Queensland Transport, I helped to develop a interactive training module for Multicultural Awareness. I was provided with all the content and was responsible for all the design, animation and coding. The designs had to incorporate an existing avatar (Harmony the sock puppet) and had to be suitable for the delivery of the informative content while retaining a culturally neutral look/feel.

Link to Sleeper flash sample

Sleeper flash website

Sleeper is an action horror film shot in Australia 2008 by writer/director Dru Brown and producer Judd Tilyard. On this website I worked with designer Donna Lays and web developer Chris Samios to produce the website. I was responsible for all of the Flash development.

Some techniques used on this Flash site include: loading external images/xml, streaming media, SEO optimisation, and statistical feedback/recording.

Link to flash game example 1
Link to flash game example 2
Link to flash game example 3

Flash games

During my time working for Education Queensland I was responsible for developing large quantities of 'learning objects' such as Flash games and activities. The Flash games here are a few of the more colourful examples.

These games were included as a reward to activities performed by the student. If the student reached a certain score they would be able to unlock different games. So keep in mind that these games have been been taken out of the context. I have plenty available, so please ask if you'd like to see more.

Link to Robina CBD flash sample

Robina CBD

A simple scrolling map/info Flash application made to fit into a surrounding website. Basic ActionScripting for automatic panning and mouse driven panning.

Link to TBL timeline flash sample

TBL Timeline

Small application to support website. Loads information and images from XML, generates all the transitions and entire interface from ActionScript code.

Link to Urbane website sample

Urbane flash website

Flash website built as a free-lancer. Reads data and images from xml, creates effects and transitions from ActionScript code.

Link to WasteWars flash game example

Waste Wars

Waste Wars is a flash games I created as a free-lancer for VMP. Game was distributed to schools as part of the council initiative to education children about recycling. It was played online, children from schools would submit their scores to add to the total of their school and compete against other school.

Web - Web designs, etc

Link to view SendMoneyHome design

SendMoneyHome web design

A redesign of the SendMoneyHome.org website, soon to roll out. The new design is xhtml strict compliant and takes advantage of some of the upcoming CSS3 features. You can also see a screenshot of the original website for comparison. The most important element on the SendMoneyHome website is the 'quick search comparison' form, as it's what most of the visitors are looking for when they get to the website, so the design has to make this element stand out on the page.

Link to view PowerHouseTendering design

PowerHouse Tendering web design

A redesign of the PowerHouseTendering.com website, currently live. I've included a screenshot of the original website for comparison.

Link to view ProgrammeMaster corporate designs

ProgrammeMaster Corporate web site design

A redesign of the ProgrammeMaster Corporate website, not yet live. Designs are undergoing review and changes, I am currently responsible for complete redevelopment of the website. The new version is being build using a customised WordPress template, with WordPress acting as a CMS for all the page images and information.

Link to view SendFundsOverseas design

SendFundsOverseas web design

A redesign of the SendFundsOverseas.com website, currently live. The new design is had to work with existing libraries and scripting while being more accessible and clean.

Link to RITES website screenshots

RITES teaching tool

RITES is a teaching tool developed for a teacher at Distance Education Queensland. I was responsible for managing the team that created the system, as well as coding and graphics for the Flash activities.

The system was implemented online with a PHP/MySQL interface for creating and modifying content. To produce the educational games, the system exported content from the database into an XML format, that was read by applications developed in Flash.