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The following are brief summaries of the sections of the Code that are covered in this course.

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Buying Insurance

Section 4: Buying Insurance sets out standards in relation to the initial enquiry and buying (as well as renewal and cancellation) of retail insurance cover.

Standards For Our Employees And Authorised Representatives

Section 5: Standards for our employees and authorised representatives provides customer service standards for Code subscribers and authorised representatives.

Standards For Our Service Suppliers

Section 6: Standards for our service suppliers highlights customer service standards for the Code’s service suppliers and applies only to retail insurance.


Section 7: Claims outlines customer service standards for dealing with claims handling and applies only to retail insurance.

Financial Hardship

Section 8: Financial hardship deals with situations in which insureds or third party beneficiaries owe the Code member money under a policy, or for situations in which the Code member is seeking recovery from the insured.


Section 9: Catastrophes deals with claims relating to catastrophes and applies only to retail insurance.

Complaints And Disputes

Section 10: Complaints and disputes outlines the internal complaints process (including stages one and two) and the FOS-administered external dispute resolution (EDR) scheme. Section 10 applies only to retail insurance