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  • when an event is a Catastrophe

    According to the General Insurance Code of Practice, insurers are committed to respond to catastrophes:

    ...efficiently, professionally, practically, and in a compassionate manner.

    According to their website, in what situation/s would the ICA declare an event to be a catastrophe?

  • Urgent financial need of benefits after a catastrophe

    According to the ICA’s website, if a claimant experiences a loss or damage caused by a catastrophe, how can insurers assist the claimant if they are in urgent financial need of the benefits under their insurance policy?

  • Checkpoint

    According to section 9 of the General Insurance Code of Practice, claimants can request a review of their claim if they believe your organisation’s assessment of their loss was incomplete or inaccurate (even if they sign a release).

    How much time from the date of claim finalisation do they have to request a review of the claim?