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Note: This quiz uses an open-book approach. Take your time in perusing the relevant sections of the Code to identify the correct answers.

When an insurer identifies, or is notified by a consumer about an error or mistake in their insurance application (or information/documents relied upon in making the assessment), the insurer needs to:

(Choose one)

If you are unable to provide a consumer with insurance, you should:

(Choose four)

If an insured cancels a policy they organised themselves (not through a broker), any money owed should be sent within ____ business days.

(Choose one)

For how long do insurers need to maintain employee education and training records?

(Choose one)

When Authorised Financial Services Licensees (AFSL) acting on behalf of subscribers to the Code (for example, insurance brokers, banks or credit unions) do not comply with the Code, consumers should:

(Choose two)

Which of the following Code standards must service providers comply with in dealing with claims on behalf of the insurer?

(Choose three)

When the insurer has completed all enquiries and gathered all the information required to make a claim decision, they need to notify the claimant of their decision within:

(Choose one)

When appointing a loss assessor, loss adjuster or investigator, the subscriber of the Code must inform the insured within:

(Choose one)